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CIC Cup Report


The CIC Cup was held again this year on Wednesday July 13th in Tyn-y-Nant Christian Centre near Abererch.  This was the 8th time that this tournament was held.  6 teams came to compete, enjoy and have the opportunity to hear the gospel outside of a chapel or church.

The format of the tournament was as follows.  Everyone played each other in a round-robin, with the top four teams reaching the semi-finals.  Bale boys (Bala) beat CIC Chwilog 2-0 in the first semi-final, with CIC Llanrug emerging victorious 1-0 against CIC Bala in the second semi.

In the Final CIC Llanrug won 1-0 in extra time against the Bale Boys.  Congratulations to them and to every team who competed – every game was played in a spirit of fairplay.

Following the final it was time for the barbeque and then a talk from Guto Evans, Coleg Y Bala.  Guto spoke about how the Wales Football Team represented us at Euro 2016, and how Jesus also represented us on the cross in winning victory against sin and death.  We can be part of that victory if we trust in him to forgive us of those wring things we have done.

Many thanks to the staff of Tyn-y-Nant for their generousity once again this year, and to everyone who ensured another successful evening.  We pray that the Lord will use events like this in order to draw young people and adults to himself.





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The Games in Llyn and eifionydd schools


‘The Games’ was held in Pentreuchaf, Tudweiliog, Talsarnau and Harlech primary schools by a team of volunteers and workers from local churches, Trobwynt and Scripture Union in June and July 2016.

The Games is a Scripture project which uses Euro 2016 as a way to help the children to learn about various subjects including physical education, geography, art and releigous education to name a few.  Originally it was created to go together with the 2012 London Olympic Games.  That was a full-day programme, but this year it was only a half-day programme, as that was more convenient for the schools.


This is how it worked in the four schools.  Before the team arrived at the school the children were divided into 4 teams and the schools would choose 4 countries from Euro 2016 for the teams to adopt.

Then when the team arrived at the school the country flags were given to each team.  The programme would typically start with an opening ceremony where the teams would parade around the classroom/hall while waving the country’s flag.  They then played a game to help present the theme ‘COMMITMENT’.  It was explained that COMMITMENT is important for footballers to succedd, and also for each one of us.  This connected to the story of Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego and how they were COMMITTED to God even though everyone else was worshipping Nebuchadezzar’s idol.


It was then time for everyone to play games outside in the ‘Sports Zone’.  They played games that helped teach football skills such as passing, shooting and aiming the ball towards goal.

After this it was breaktime before the story of Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego was told in the ‘Discovery and Creative Zone’.  This was done in a fun way that involved everyone.

It was then time for the children to create bunting with facts and pictures about their adopted countries.  In some schools their work would then be displayed.  This was an important time for the children to learn some geography.


When they had finished the bunting they had a chance to create bracelets and badges, something they enjoyed a lot.

The programme finished with a closing ceremony where the main message was repeated and the prizes (medals and certificates) were presented.

We thank the Lord for the great response we had from the four schools, where the children had obviously not only learnt new things, but enjoyed themselves at the same time.

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Tudweiliog’s Big Picnic


Tudweiliog Kids’ Club Big Picnic was held on Tuesday, May 24th in Plas Cefn Amwlch, Tudweiliog.  This was an evening for volunteers, workers, children and families who are connected to Tudweiliog Kids’ Club to come together to share food, play games and to socialise.

The evening opened with everyone sharing the picnic and having an opportunity to socialise.  It was great for the volunteers and the workers to have an opportunity to get to know the families of the children who attend the club.


After everyone had had enough to eat a short presentation of (appropriately) Jesus feeding the 5000 was acted out by some of the clubs volunteers.

Dessert followed this and then it was time for everyone to play games and take part in activities in the warmth of the sunshine.


Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to ensure that this evening was a sweeping success, especially to Mrs Wynne-Finch, the owner of Plas Cefn Amwlch for kindly allowing us to hold the evening on her property.

We thank the Lord for all of his faithfulness to us on this evening.  Please pray that the Lord would continue to work in our midst in this special work.